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Start Now! Oursupaluv’s #쉽지않아 Youtube Fan Project



Angels, we need to keep working hard to boost Teen Top’s views on the official video for “Missing.” This will benefit their scores for Mnet M Countdown, MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo!  Please join us in this week-long campaign to raise views and promote Teen Top’s video everywhere we can! 

Stage 1: Goals and Tips for Angels!

Official video link:

Current numbers as of the morning of September 21st:
~390,000 views, ~26,000 likes, ~4,300 comments

Our goals as a fandom to reach by September 28th:
~500,000 views, ~30,000 likes, ~5,000 comments

Tips for increasing view count and benefitting music show scores:

  • Always watch on, never watch an embedded link. Use the official video.
  • Watch from beginning to end; do not pause or mute. Sound should not be less than 50%.
  • Please watch in high quality (720p or higher).
  • Make a playlist and loop the playlist. (Or open a link to another person’s playlist. Here is a playlist you can use:;list=PLIEZhgT6982wp0frST6MbXj3wUqLFj3vR)
  • Do not hit F5 or replay on youtube; instead you should close the tab or window and preferably clear the cache, cookies and internet history after every 10 plays.
  • Using Chrome is recommended because you can view in incognito mode. In other words, the cache, cookies and internet history are automatically cleared after you close the tab or window. Open Chrome, clear cache/cookies/history, open an “incognito window” from the main menu and cut and paste the URL of the official video (preferably via a playlist).
  • In Internet Explorer, first clear your cache/cookies/internet history and then go to the “safety” button and turn on InPrivate Browsing.
  • In Firefox, this function is called “Private window”

Stage 2: Creating the Hype!

This part is where Angels can show their creative side and do a little marketing!

  • Share the official video on facebook, tumblr, instagram, weibo, etc.
  • Hype it!! Let everyone know why they need to watch the video, and include #틴탑 and #쉽지않아 tags too for additional SNS points!

Some ideas:

  • Make youtube reaction videos, re-enactments and dance covers!  Link back to the original video and promote it in the comments section, too!
  • Here is a project to join: The Teen Top Missing 30-Second Video Challenge
  • Post graphics on instagram, tumblr, etc. with a link back and the tags!
  • Do you have a favourite K-Pop vlog or review site? Link them the video!
  • Promote on general K-Pop sites and facebook communities in English or another language!

Remember to include the direct link to the video!  Encourage everyone to click “like” and comment as well!

Do you have other ideas?  Please let us know!  Let’s do everything we can do to get the word out about this amazing music video!

** As a way to say thank you for helping promote Teen Top, oursupaluv will select six Angels who participated to win small prizes! **

How to apply:
Please compile proof shots of your promotions for Teen Top and email them to
Deadline is by September 29th, 2014, one day after this campaign ends

Your choice of 2 unopened Teen Top CDs from this list + a small surprise gift (mention your favourite member if you have one!)
CDs available: It’s, Artist, Summer Special, No.1 regular edition, Teen Top Class, Teen Top Class Addition, Come Into the World re-issue

Winners will be notified approximately one week after the campaign is over.

missing (쉽지않아) // teaser one vs two

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